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Prima slender is a weight reduction complement available exclusively online thru GetPrimaSlim.Com.

The use of a blend of natural substances from Polynesia, Prima slim pursuits will help you unexpectedly shed pounds with restrained food plans or workout adjustments required.


Preserve reading to find out the entirety you need to realize approximately Prima slim, its consequences, and the way it works nowadays in our review.



Prima slim is a food regimen tablet presenting a mix of natural components that will help you hastily shed pounds.

Based on a Polynesian ritual, Prima narrow carries a blend of substances that will help you burn away cussed fats, healthy into your old garments, and lose considerable amounts of weight without adjusting your weight-reduction plan, lifestyle, or exercise behavior.

By way of spending a few seconds taking PrimaSlim every morning, you can take advantage of a Polynesian ritual to blast away stomach fat, stop the vicious cycle of weight advantage, and completely lose a huge quantity of weight within just weeks.

Who Created Prima Slim?

PrimaSlim was created by using a female named Sheila Roberts. Sheila realized she needed to shed pounds after her obesity almost killed her husband, Roger.

In the future, Roger and Sheila had been web-hosting a barbecue. A hearth broke out. Roger desperately yelled at Sheila to come back out of the doors with a bucket of water. However, Sheila’s obesity made it hard to get there in time.

Even though Roger and Sheila survived the fireplace scare, Sheila realized she had to lose weight.


Sheila commenced researching herbal weight reduction treatment options. Her adventure led her to a remote island in the South Pacific, where she met a physician who discovered the name of the game for weight reduction via an unusual Polynesian rite.

Sheila describes her discovery as one of the most interesting discoveries of the 21st century, claiming she “speedy and effects torched sixty-seven pounds” of cussed fats the use of Prima slender – all without avoiding her favorite ingredients or spending hours at the fitness center each day. In fact, Sheila claims she persevered to consume pasta primavera, double Viscount St. Albans cheeseburgers, hot fudge sundaes, and different dangerous meals even as still rapidly losing weight.

To test her components, Sheila gave them to a group of friends. Over a 28-day duration, her friends lost around 1lb of fat per day – everywhere from 25 lbs to 39 lbs in just four weeks.

Now, Sheila desires to share her success with the sector. Today, each person should purchase PrimaSlim online to enjoy comparable weight reduction consequences. In fact, Sheila claims she has helped “thousands” of human beings revel in similar weight reduction results.

How Prima slim Works

In step with Sheila Roberts, PrimaSlim works through concentrated on your immune machine.

According to Sheila, your immune system is secretly inhibiting your weight loss consequences. Even in case you’re eating properly and exercising, you can wear it to lose weight because of your immune machine.

Sheila describes it as a “fats-swarming” phenomenon. Here’s how it works:

Many individuals who received weight after 35 did so because of a “fats swarming” phenomenon related to your immune system

Your immune system detects pollution and inflammation for your frame, and it swarms the ones pollution with immune cells to combat back

Your immune device “quarantines” the pollutants by wrapping immune cells around your organs; this saves your organs from similar harm and bounds the outcomes of the pollutants


This fat swarming, however, also makes it difficult to lose weight; even though your immune gadget is doing its activity, this fat swarming additionally forces your frame to hold to fat

The nice way to fight again in opposition to this fat swarming, in keeping with Sheila, is to exercise her encouraged Polynesian ritual by way of taking Prima slim every day

In keeping with Sheila, Prima narrow switches off your fats-swarming transfer, supporting you to experience like your old self once more; you may lose weight hastily after flipping this transfer

You don’t want to journey to an island in the South Pacific to participate in the Polynesian weight reduction ritual; rather, you can take one serving of Prima slim every day to enjoy comparable weight reduction outcomes.

Who is Sheila Roberts?

Sheila is the author of Prima narrow. She traveled to a South Pacific island to analyze the ingredients in PrimaSlim. Then, she lost 67 lbs of cussed fats within weeks of taking the complement for the first time. So who’s Sheila Roberts? What sort of clinical or professional history does Sheila have?

Sheila comes from a small metropolis outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She married her excessive school sweetheart, Roger.

Beginning in her mid-30s, Sheila and Robert grew more and more disconnected. Sheila won weight. Roger performed more golfing even as raising their kids. Their sex life disappeared, and even eye touch was scarce. It usually felt like Roger become elsewhere.

Sheila tried dieting and exercising to lose weight. She attempted Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the South beach food regimen, the keto diet, paleo, domestic exercise programs, and different techniques. A number of them labored, however, none of them supplied the permanent weight reduction Sheila became seeking.


Pissed off by her loss of results, Sheila determined to pass the city. She flew to a faraway island in the South Pacific for some weeks. She describes it as her “own model of eating, Pray, Love.”

Sheila ended up in the Marshall Islands in early 2020. She became making plans to spend just two weeks on a far-off island in the archipelago. Due to the pandemic, however, she ended up spending two months on the island.

At some point in the marketplace, Sheila met a girl named Dr. Bonnie. Dr. Bonnie instructed Sheila about a mix of components she could use to shed pounds permanently without ingesting properly, exercising, or exerting any effort in any way.

To make a protracted story brief, Sheila used Dr. Bonnie’s advocated components, misplaced 67lbs, flew home to fulfill up with her husband, and rejuvenated her courting – all way to a herbal, Polynesian ritual and the components in PrimaSlim.

Who is Dr. Bonnie?

PrimaSlim’s formula comes from a girl named Dr. Bonnie. Sheila met Dr. Bonnie on a far-off island inside the Marshall Islands, later describing her as a “medical doctor from San Diego” who “turned into 63, but looked like she might have been 35.”

Dr. Bonnie had lost her entire circle of relatives in a vehicle accident. After the devastating loss, she moved to the Marshall Islands, where she volunteered with nearby clinics.

Even though Sheila no longer claims to be a scientific expert, Dr. Bonnie does seem to have medical information. She used that scientific know-how and expert schooling to formulate the remaining weight loss aid, Prima slender, primarily based on a Polynesian ritual from the Marshall Islands.

Prima Slim Ingredients

PrimaSlim carries a blend of herbal components linked to fat burning, consisting of capsaicin, fucoxanthin, and different plant-based totally elements.

Some of those components are used inside the Polynesian weight loss ritual noted above. Others were added by means of Sheila and her team at the same time as perfecting the formula.


Right here are all of the components in Prima narrow and the way they paintings:

Fucoxanthin from Polynesian Imu Algae: The celebrity aspect of Prima slim is fucoxanthin, sourced from an unprecedented sort of algae inside the South Pacific. Dr. Bonnie calls it “Polynesian Imu algae,” claiming the fucoxanthin within this algae releases the fat-swarming impact inside your body to help you hastily lose weight. Despite the fact that most supplements use fucoxanthin sourced from brown seaweed extract, Prima slim sources its fucoxanthin from Polynesian Imu algae. Regardless of the supply, fucoxanthin has been related to substantial weight reduction in a couple of trials, and researchers characteristic this benefit to fucoxanthin’s antioxidant results.

Pineapple Extract: Pineapple extract is wealthy in bromelain, a herbal chemical with antioxidant properties. Pineapple has been connected to weight reduction in some small research, and others take pineapple extract daily for other benefits. In line with Sheila and Dr. Bonnie, the pineapple in Prima slim encourages herbal lipolysis – or fat burning – whilst also assisting you to keep away from the fats-swarming effect.

Capsaicin: Capsaicin is the natural chemical in pepper related to spiciness. It’s also connected to fat burning. Many weight reduction supplements use capsaicin to boost fat burning. Research display it boosts metabolism, assisting you to burn more calories at rest than you usually might.

Magnesium: Magnesium is a valuable mineral accountable for a couple of crucial capabilities at some point in the body. It’s especially critical for nerve features. And some small research has linked magnesium to weight reduction. If you’re deficient in magnesium, then you may battle to shed pounds.

Spirulina: Spirulina is an inexperienced superfood packed with antioxidants connected to healthful inflammation. Discovered in lots of inexperienced superfood formulations bought online nowadays, spirulina has been related to weight reduction, immune performance, irritation, and other consequences in a couple of research.

EGCG: defined as “South Pacific inexperienced tea,” epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has herbal antioxidant homes. It’s determined clearly in all varieties of green tea – which include green tea from Asia and the South Pacific. A couple of research have linked inexperienced tea to significant weight reduction consequences, and researchers have attributed this gain to the herbal EGCG in green tea.


  • All organic and natural ingredients
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Safe weight loss method
  • No need for heavy exercise
  • Suitable for people with a busy schedule
  • Quick results


  • A bit costly
  • Slow shipping

PRIMA SLIM  Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

The Prima narrow website is packed with critiques from customers who’ve lost extensive weight in a quick length with the supplement.

Right here are a number of the weight reduction testimonials featured on the authentic website:

Sheila and Dr. Bonnie each claim to have misplaced good-sized weight the usage of the Polynesian ritual behind Prima slender, with Sheila losing 67lbs of stubborn fat the usage of the supplement.

Sheila and Dr. Bonnie declare to have carried out a small trial concerning 12 buddies. In that trial, most ladies misplaced around 1lb of fat per day whilst taking Prima to narrow without changing their diet or exercising habits, with maximum girls losing 25 lbs to 39 lbs over the 28-day period.

One purchaser claims she is down three get-dressed sizes after taking Prima slim for just 5 weeks.

Another consumer has misplaced “30 kilos in less than a month” with PrimaSlim and has removed the old “fat belt” he had around his waist.

One female has lost 50 lbs with PrimaSlim.

Typical, Prima narrow is sponsored via a five-star score and one hundred,000+ opinions from happy customers, making it one of the internet’s quality-promoting and highest-rated weight loss dietary supplements.


Prima Slim Pricing

Prima slender is sole to be had online via GetPrimaSlim.Com, in which it’s priced at $39 to $59 in step with a bottle.

Right here’s how a good deal you pay whilst buying Prima slim online nowadays thru the authentic website:

  1. 1 Bottle: $fifty nine + delivery
  2. Three Bottles: $147 + free US shipping + 1 unfastened Bonus
  3. 6 Bottles: $234 + unfastened US shipping + 2 free Bonuses

Every bottle contains a 30-day supply of Prima narrow or 60 capsules. You are taking two drugs in line with day to opposite the fats-swarming impact and begin to lose weight rapidly. In step with a small trial concerning Sheila’s buddies, you may anticipate losing 25 to 40lbs with each 30-day delivery of Prima slender, or around 1lb of fats consistent with day – without adjusting your eating regimen and exercise recurring.

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